AstrophotographY & poETRY

AIr uses remote telescopes to shoot deep space objects from observatories located all over the world. 

  Poem comes later, like a confrontation between what will appear on the picture and the impression created by million light-years colors.

  NFT edition of this collection is available on tezos art platform

  Fine art printing is also available on request.

Pictures taken from telescopes of Chilescope and ITelescope obervatories.

M27 english version comp

 Dumbbell Nebula, New-Mexico, 2022 

Telescope 430mm/f6,8 , LRVB, 40 min exposure

Leonard compresse

 Comet Leonard, New-Mexico, 2021 

Telescope 0,5m/f6,8 , RVB, 3min exposure

Rosette Compresse

 Rosette Nebula, Chili, 2020 

Telescope 500/1900, filters HOO, 1h exposure. 

Galaxie du scupteur compresse

Sculptor Galaxy, Chili, 2020
Telescope 500/1900, filters LRVB, 1h45 exposure

Tarentule - compresse

Tarantula nebula, Chili, 2020

Telescope 500/1900,  filters HOO, 1h10 exposure

Toucan compresse

47 Tucanae, Chili, 2020
Telescope 500/1900, filters LRVB, 1h exposure

NFT Hélice L Air

Helix Nebula, Chili, 2021 
Telescope 500/1900 , filters RVB, 10 min exposure

Collaboration: photo AIR / poEm L.